• Question: Peter Waziri ; what are the difficulties you encounter as a scientist ; what do people say about you being a scientist

    Asked by agee18jaw to Sharon, Peter, Peris, John, Emmanuel on 11 May 2022.
    • Photo: Peter Macharia

      Peter Macharia answered on 11 May 2022:

      Hello Peter,

      There are many challenges. Some include lack of funding to conduct research, it takes time to answer a research question fully which is not always a direct path, it requires putting in extra hours at some time and does not mean more money/salary. To publish our research findings requires article processing charges which are high especially to us in the low-middle-income countries. on the flipside, we get to answer research questions that are useful for policy and improving the quality of life.

    • Photo: John Njogu

      John Njogu answered on 12 May 2022:

      In Africa and especially in low income countries like ours, we have a lot of challenges apart from what my colleague has answered. Science careers are not highly recognised by the government and also the society. It is only recently during the COVID pandemic that most of people realized that we do have a infectious disease unit and that there are researchers who are necessarily not doctors around.