• Question: Eunice Mulongo ; what are some of the things that hinder success

    Asked by agee18jaw to Sharon, Peter, Peris, John, Emmanuel on 18 May 2022.
    • Photo: Peris Musitia

      Peris Musitia answered on 18 May 2022:

      There are many factors that may hinder success but first is discipline and dedication to what you do. Bad habits, negative environment and your own limiting beliefs may affect your success. I f you do not believe in your self , or lack self disciplined and without vision in your life you may be hindering yourself to success.

      You can read more here:https://www.success.com/3-external-factors-that-are-affecting-your-success/

    • Photo: John Njogu

      John Njogu answered on 26 May 2022:

      Hi Eunice,
      There are so many things that hinder success that’s the reason why the path of success is hard but failing is easy you just have to do nothing