• Question: Desmond Wanjala ; i am interested in computer science could you advice on the path to take and the subjects to be keen on

    Asked by agee18jaw to Sharon, Peter, Peris, John, Emmanuel on 17 May 2022.
    • Photo: Peris Musitia

      Peris Musitia answered on 17 May 2022:

      Dear Desmond,
      There are many computer science career paths, ranging from software engineer to technical writer. In a short publication on computing disciplines (PDF, 94 KB)External link: open_in_new, the ACM reports that computer science career options include:

      Computer Engineering: planning and designing the digital hardware and software systems.
      Computer Science: developing computing solutions.
      Information Systems: communicating computer information systems to a business.
      Information Technology: helping maintain computer infrastructure and addressing the needs of the people who use it.
      Software Engineering: developing software systems.

    • Photo: John Njogu

      John Njogu answered on 26 May 2022:

      If you want to be a computer scientist as Peris has shared you need to pick a field in future but for now just focus on math, languages, physics, Chemistry, computer