• Question: Joshua Baraka ; was being a scientist your career dream ? If not then what drove you to be a scientist ; What are the challenges you face as a scientist and before you were a scientist

    Asked by agee18jaw to Sharon, Peter, Peris, John, Emmanuel on 11 May 2022.
    • Photo: Peter Macharia

      Peter Macharia answered on 11 May 2022: last edited 11 May 2022 10:09 am

      Hello @Joshua ,

      This was always my dream.
      I was inspired to do better in school so that I can give back to the community that supported my education and at the same time use science to make earth a better place. For example, through mapping, I show areas with better health outcomes (eg high immunization rates) and poor health outcomes (eg high malaria prevalence) and communicate to the relevant stakeholders for corrective actions. They could for example increase funding in some of areas lagging behind

    • Photo: John Njogu

      John Njogu answered on 12 May 2022:

      Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to be a scientist. I wanted to be able to help doctors by making drugs that can be used to alleviate problems like malaria and typhoid. Even though this was my dream getting here was not easy, I had to work hard at school fight the blanket every morning and drag myself to preps everyday. Sometimes I used to fail and the bell would catch up with me or even the perfects but none the less I worked hard.
      Once you become a scientist you then realize that you need to work even harder, you spend long hours in the lab trying to identify solutions which many a times fail to produce the results that you want. In all these you encourage yourself and try again the next day.